BCS Telecom
dé echte onafhankelijke telecom specialist!

Internet Only / Television

BCS Haarlem helps expats set up television, internet and phone services free of charge. We save you time and money by finding
the best subscriptions for internet, TV and mobile services. We will arrange a working internet connection within 2-3 working days!

BCS Haarlem is official supplier from Ziggo , KPN and ODIDO to offer you a special on two different and television subscriptions.

At BCS you will receive exactly the same offers and promotions as with Ziggo/KPN or ODIDO directly. If you have applied directly to the providers and you are experiencing problems with the apllication or need help during installatation, Ziggo, KPN and Odido doesn't have an English menu to reach the customer service.

We take care of application procedure and we help you with any problems. Depending on your address and house number, we can check what is available in terms of connection at your zip code.

If you have any questions, please contact u by phone (+31654775566) or send an email to paul@bcstelecom.nl

For more information about the Ziggo possibilities click here.  If you want more information about the KPN possibilities click here. Special offer for all new customers on KPN Internet & TV: 12 months Free TV & TV 

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone(+31654775566) or send an email to;  info@bcstelecom.nl